Raj the Lion's Mane Fanatic

My name is Raj, and welcome to Purposeful Body. 

A simple personal health blog / online shop to help you graduate from angel numbers to nothingness.

It all started once I started meditating, especially practicing self-inquiry.

I started seeing my own “mind chatter” and wanted to find ways to minimize it. Apparently, the scientific term for this “noise” is anxiety.

As one thing led to another (Doesn’t it always?), I found myself delving into natural remedies to manage this. I adopted a regimen incorporating Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, GABA, Turmeric, and a few other natural, 100% vegan products. This not only deepened my meditation practice, but also led me to more clarity, and just a lot more productivity.

I guess once you can make the dots connect, greatness just flows.

Today, I genuinely believe that a healthy, ‘well-connected’ brain / body acts as a perfect receiver for divine wisdom.

Which is what I share on this site. 

To support this endevaour, I also add vetted products to our shop that you may find useful as well. 

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your own beautiful unique journey.

Kindest Regards,