The NEW JET LAG Pill, Lion’s Mane

The New Jet Lag Pill, Lion's Mane

Flying halfway across the globe is usually an adventure.

From Vancouver to Kyoto, it’s a journey filled with anticipation and excitement.

However, there is one more thing that creeps up almost always on time and promptly . . .

Good ol’ JET LAG 🙂

I would usually be out for about a week and a half. Wake up in the middle of the night in the am or pass out from 6 to 7 pm to wake up again in the wee hours of the morning.

However, this time around, my experience was vastly different.

My jet lag was practically non-existent this time, thanks to a friendly little mushroom supplement, the Lion’s Mane.

The Lion’s Mane Experiment

Before my flight, and not for travel reasons, some 60 days ago, I began to take Lion’s Mane pills.

The idea was to improve my short-term memory and kick some serious butt in my work life. Since Lion’s Mane is not psychoactive, I could take them anywhere with me.

That was it.

Then, it was decided that it was time for us to head to Japan due to family reasons.

So we packed our bags, put some things in storage, and made the move.

We were still determining how long we would be in Japan this time, but when your loved ones need your help, these things tend to take a back seat.

One thing was for sure, this time, I gave myself a week and a bit to recover from the jet lag that I was anticipating.

However, as I write this, this is my second day here, and my jet lag is all gone.

So what happened?

Lion’s Mane and the Magic of Circadian Rhythm

An upset circadian rhythm causes jet lag. Or our body’s internal biological clock that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Our circadian rhythm struggles to adjust to the new schedule when we travel across different time zones—resulting in jet lag.

That’s why it may take a few days for you to start waking up ‘local’ time.

So, how does Lion’s Mane help with Jet Lag?

Lion’s Mane has a positive effect on sleep patterns,s, and overall brain function, which may assist in reducing the symptoms of jet lag.

This doesn’t mean that Lion’s Mane is some magic bullet for it. But in my experience, backed by emerging scientific studies, it may have been my game-changer. After all, I didn’t do anything else out of the ordinary.

Lion’s Mane has improved brain functionality for 1000s of individuals in just days. So it’s natural that your circadian rhythm, primarily a brain function, also improves.

In my case . . . BIG TIME.

Now it’s not something you pop right before you land, and all will be well.

After all, I’ve been using Lion’s Mane for two months straight with little or no breaks.

However, this shows that if your mind is firing right, many things can and will be improved along the way. Lion’s Mane is already being proven to work on ADHD, dementia, depression, neuropathy, and more.

Again, all are related to the brain.

Then why not the circadian rhythm?

With emerging research into its effects on cognitive function and mental health, this humble mushroom’s future looks promising.

Who knows what else Lion’s Mane might help with in the future?

I believe that if it has to do with the brain, sprinkle some Lion’s Mane on it 🙂

Either way, I’m excited and blessed about how things are unfolding here.

PS: Glad to share that the family we came to see in Japan is recovering nicely, and the best part, I’ve forced them to take Lion’s Mane twice a day 🙂 – May have an update on this as well.

Thanks for reading, and remember, you are taken care of 🙂

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