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West Grande Prairie Dental


Based on patient reviews, West Grande Prairie Dental offers an inviting and friendly service. In addition, the receptionist Victoria was said to be quite efficient and has great eye for detail.

Many patients claim to return to this dental clinic because the staff there takes patients step by step through various procedures. Ensuring patients are well informed and comfortable along the way.

What seems to set this dental clinic apart is the professionalism the dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants display. At least according to most of their reviews. Dr. Wu and Barbara are known for being very thorough with their work, especially when performing teeth cleaning and molar teeth removal.

Patients seem to appreciate the detailed consultation they received regarding procedures and practical after-care to help them recover at home.

Another big plus is their after-hours emergency dental services. They are open 4 evenings a week and every Saturday. So it is easy to get an appointment if your schedule is packed.

If you’re looking to book an appointment here, they offer many services such as orthodontics, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and more.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 898 reviews

South 40 Dental

South 40 Dental has many glowing reviews especially when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. Many agree that dentist Dr. Hazel performs painless and quick molar teeth extraction which totally reflects her expertise.

Patients who visit this clinic, also claim the hygienists and dentists are very informative. So if you happen to have a lot of questions regarding dental treatments, you might find the staff very helpful. Especially in answering all your queries.

The team at South 40 Dental has built quite a reputation even for the most minor procedures like teeth cleaning. Dental hygienist Sabrina here, seems to be quite famous here for being exceptional with her job. Patients commented that their teeth are extra shiny and clean thanks to her work. 

South 40 Dental offers general dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry, and sedation treatment. They also treat dental emergencies, so feel free to give them a call if you’re in a lot of pain and need immediate consultation.

All in all, this dental clinic seems to deliver compassionate and friendly service dedicated to improving your smile and oral health. South 40 Dental might be worth a visit. Especially if you have had a bad experience with other dental clinics.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 1084 reviews

Northern Dental Centre

If you are looking for a good place to get dental fillings or dental crowns, you might want to book an appointment at Northern Dental Centre.

Dentist Dr. Rami and his team seem to be very good at these. Most patients agree that their work feels and looks natural, without the sensation of having foreign material in their mouth. Especially after the procedures.

On top of that, Northern Dental Centre is often praised for its excellent customer service. This is an added value for a dental clinic that has helped them retain many clients. The staff here is said to be pleasant and helpful. Especially when it comes to handling insurance and appointments.

Dental hygienist Alana had also received many positive reviews for her communication skills. Especially when it comes to promoting oral health. This is particularly important to encourage patients to get their teeth cleaned on time.

This dental clinic is a one-stop centre that offers everything from dental cleaning,  implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Based on the reviews, the team at Northern Dental Centre work hand in hand to provide top-quality service and a good experience to patients who visit them. They have had many referrals from patients who appreciate this strictly patient-oriented care.

So if you prioritize high-quality treatments from experienced dentists and dental staff, Northern Dental Centre might be the place for you.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 123 reviews

Bear Creek Dental

Many claim that dentist Dr. Palmer of Bear Creek Dental is one of the most informative dentist out there. He takes time to explain procedures so patients know what to expect. He is also well known for answering all his patients’s queries regarding his treatment plan. This explains why many patients seem to return as they feel relaxed and confident with the service providers here.

Based on the reviews, this dental clinic has helped very anxious patients by offering sedation options to calm their nerves. However, sedation for minor procedures seems rarely necessary as the team here seems to put many patients at ease, with just their supportive care.

Bear Creek Dental clinic might be a great option if you have a complicated dental issue. Many patients attest to the skills and expertise of Dr. Smith who has made a name for himself. Thanks to his restorative fillings and crowning techniques. Dr. Smith is also said to be very gentle and caring with patients. Which is something many look for in a dentist.

Some of the services offered here are orthodontics, dental implants, and wisdom tooth removal. You can also come in for a regular check-up and cleaning.

This dental clinic has many satisfied patients due to the level of professionalism and expertise of it’s dentists and staff. They strive to help patients achieve optimal dental health in a friendly and home-like environment.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 164 reviews

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